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Creole recipe : Cod fritters recipe

Ingredients :

-125g Cod
-250g of flour
-2 Glasses of water
-½ Yeast packet
-3 Feet chives
-3 cloves of garlic

-1 onion
-Chilli pepper
-2 eggs
-1 Lime

-Frying oil

1- Poach cod. Let it cool. Remove the skin and bones. Cut cod.
Chop spices: chives, garlic, onion, thyme, parsley and pepper.
2- Place the flour in a bowl. Add cut cod, chopped spices and a whole egg.
3- Pour a glass of water in the mixture. Start stir gently. Stir a spoonful of oil.
4- Pour the yeast and stir vigorously. Your dough should be homogeneous. Add a little water if this was not the case.
5- In a bowl, climb 2 egg whites until stiff, and then add them to your device. Stir gently. Lightly salt and pepper.
6- In a pan containing about 25cl of hot oil, remove with a spoon, the value of a walnut in your device. let Cook and color. Place on absorbent paper and serve.