Wellness space

Relaxation at the heart of leisure in Karukéra Land!


Come and discover our new wellness area of 100m².

You will find care, relaxation and serenity in the heart of leisure.

This area is composed of a spa that can accommodate 10 people, a pediatric-fish pool, a rest area and a massage booth where you can enjoy a whole range of treatments (link).

Accompanied by a team of professional practitioners, this area will offer you the opportunity to escape from everyday life, within a few hours.


You will be able to discover the spa welcoming up to 10 people.

You will enjoy its water at 30° and its whirlpool bath guaranteeing a moment of relaxation and relaxation.

Pedi-Fish pool

In the wellness area, you will find the Pedi-Fish pool.
This care technique consists in plunging your feet into a pool of water filled with fish which, thanks to their mouth suction cup, come to absorb your dead skins without any pain. After a few minutes, your feet regain a smooth and soft skin.

Rest area

Take advantage of a rest area for a quiet moment. After a massage or a moment spent in the spa, why not continue on this relaxing path… We propose you to taste a tea or coffee of our range, in comfortable armchairs under a soft musical background.

Massage room

You will find a massage room.
This zone will be dedicated to the practice of different types of care practiced by a team of professional practitioners.
The cabin will be able to accommodate two people at the same time, allowing you to share this precious moment with two people.



Acts on reflex zones along the meridians in energetic rebalancing of the body, frees the powers of self-healing. Reduces pain, provides well-being & serenity.

  • Foot Reflexology

Indications: energetic balance of the body, deep well-being & relaxation, strengthens vitality, anti-stress, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system. Comfort accompaniment.


  •  Facial Reflexology

Indications: Anti-stress, against anxiety, anxiety attacks, anxiety attacks, depressive states, migraines, tension headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, ENT and respiratory disorders, joint pain. Comfort accompaniment.

Traditional Massage Softness of the World

The soft massages of the world, coming from ancient traditions such as Indian Ayurveda, Korean relaxation or Chinese energetic, also incorporate the contribution of more recent disciplines such as Swedish or Californian massages. Wellness of body and mind through relaxation. Let go of the grip!

  • Softness of the World, back massage

Indications: Relaxing and letting go, acts on the body & mind, detoxifies, deep relaxation.

Relaxing massage

Recovery at the same time physical & mental, release your tensions and relax your muscles gently!

  • Californian / Swedish

Indications: Physical & psychological benefit, acts on the blood & lymphatic circulation through tissue irrigation, soothes your mind & reduces stress.


Purify, balance, relax the body & mind. Relaunch of the lymphatic system thanks to a gentle manual massage combined with Chinese energy. The Lympho-energy method aims to facilitate the gentle self-purification of toxins in the body.

Face Lympho-energy

Indications: The skin disinfiltrates itself from toxins, improves complexion, wrinkles & swollen eyelids. Deep sensation of relaxation.

Ayurvedic massage

Originally from India, this massage often practiced with warm oil makes the senses travel and helps to rebalance our body and its functions. A care particularly indicated for people in a hurry, stressed out… And for all those who have difficulty to “drop out”.

  • Ayurvédic abhyanga

Indications: fatigue, sleep, depression, digestive system, muscular, tendon or joint pain, blood circulation, drainage/detoxication, emotional and mental tension.

Access Bars Consciousness

A BARS session is a manual, energetic approach, by activating the 32 points on the head in correlation with an emotional mapping, from points of view that we have adopted without our knowledge, brings a deep relaxation. To discover!

  • Access Bars therapy

Indications: Cleans blockages and releases energy. Letting go, reducing stress, excessive thoughts & worries, relieves physical pain.

  • Energy facial lifting

Beauty glow beauty tip for your evenings: the energetic facelift gives a younger and more relaxed appearance, the skin of the face becomes more radiant, firmer, smoother, more luminous complexion. Deep relaxation state. Requires no surgery, no cream or injection, is non-invasive.

In order to enjoy our new wellness area, we propose 2 formulas:

Formula 1 : Massage + Activities
1 massage OR 1 treatment of 60 minutes, at your choice + access to the park and activities (except mechanical rodeo and climbing) + unlimited access to the wellness area*.
Price : 90€

Formule 2 : Well being + Activities
1 massage AND 1 treatment of 60 minutes each, at your choice + access to the park and activities (except mechanical rodeo and climbing) + unlimited access to the wellness area*.
Price : 120€

*With the exception of Mechanical Rodeo and Climbing Rodeo

We advise you to book your treatments in advance in order to obtain the best availability.

You can make a reservation:

  • By phone at 0590 47 88 34 or 0690 16 02 65
  • On-site

Change or Cancellation Policy

Health status

Please inform the wellness team in case of health problems or if you are pregnant.


We remind you that the wellness area is a place dedicated to relaxation and relaxation. That’s why we thank you for not using electronic devices out of respect for other people.
All food and drinks are forbidden in the park grounds.
For minors wishing to receive treatment, parental permission will be required.