Wellness space

Relaxation at the heart of leisure in Karukéra Land!


Come and discover our new wellness area of 100m².

You will find care, relaxation and serenity in the heart of leisure.

This area is composed of a spa that can accommodate 10 people, a rest area and a massage booth where you can enjoy a whole range of treatments (link).

Accompanied by a team of professional practitioners, this area will offer you the opportunity to escape from everyday life, within a few hours.


You will be able to discover the spa welcoming up to 10 people.

You will enjoy its water at 30° and its whirlpool bath guaranteeing a moment of relaxation and relaxation.

Pedi-Fish pool

In the wellness area, you will find the Pedi-Fish pool.
This care technique consists in plunging your feet into a pool of water filled with fish which, thanks to their mouth suction cup, come to absorb your dead skins without any pain. After a few minutes, your feet regain a smooth and soft skin.

Rest area

Take advantage of a rest area for a quiet moment. After a massage or a moment spent in the spa, why not continue on this relaxing path… We propose you to taste a tea or coffee of our range, in comfortable armchairs under a soft musical background.

Massage room

You will find a massage room.
This zone will be dedicated to the practice of different types of care practiced by a team of professional practitioners.
The cabin will be able to accommodate two people at the same time, allowing you to share this precious moment with two people.


“Lomi lomi” is a Hawaiian term meaning “massage”, “squeeze” and “knead”. Thus this massage is an ancient healing technique, inherited from the Polynesian natives of Hawaii and especially the traditional healers

The latter are passed down this practice from generation to generation in order to touch the spirit, the respect and the attention connecting the heart, the body and the soul to the source of life.

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

It has the virtues of allowing a refocusing, to return to oneself because the care facilitates the letting go.

It also allows:

* to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulation which result in a better general state of health;

* to undo the muscular tensions that it highlights and eliminates in order to allow the flow of energy to circulate normally again;

* to calm the stress by harmonizing this same energy and reconnecting our inner parts, a personal refocusing;

* to acquire a greater serenity and, after the massage, to be in a mental state more appeased …

In this sense, this treatment is particularly recommended for people facing:

* a big change,

* delicate transitions in their lives,

* any other time when they may feel as fragmented or scattered …

This massage allows them to refocus and thus find a certain rectitude in their lives



The candle massage is a completely modern massage technique that simultaneously satisfies the needs of well-being, relaxation, softness and warmth through a manual and natural approach.

The massage with the candle is a massage of well-being being part of a holistic approach by alternating gentle maneuvers and tonics, to relieve the physical and psychological evils.

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Relaxation

* Nourishes the skin

* Restores elasticity to the skin

* Relieves body tension

* Feeling of comfort

* Appeasing the senses …


This massage promotes relaxation and the awakening of a body-mind awareness. It is indicated to people prone to trauma, thanks to its ability to release emotions hidden in the body’s memory. It is also indicated for people with chronic pain or muscle pain related to fribro malgia and arthritis.

By slow movements and wide, by the sequence of strokes of effleurages, kneading and stretching connecting all the parts of the body between them, the mental tension gives way to the letting go and the Relaxation then takes all sense

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Relaxes, soothes deeply

* Relieves muscle tension

* Improves the circulation of body fluids

* Oxygen tissues

* Softens the joints

* Greatly improves our physical and psychic health

* Put an end to the nervous exhaustion and the muscular overwork resulting from our professional life and habits too sedentary …

This Relaxation Massage makes it possible to consider our body as a whole, it is the body unit found again, the “body agreement”


The foot reflexology with a specific touch based on slow and fast movements on the surface of the feet and calves, locates the tensions unblocks and allows to restore the energy balance of the body

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Provides well-being and deep relaxation

* Causes a feeling of lightness

* Relieves heavy legs

* Regulates appetite and digestive disorders

* Fight against insomnia, headaches, stress.

* Acts deeply on the nervous system

* Strengthens the immune system



Lymphatic drainage is a slow, gentle massage designed to stimulate the circulation of the lymph, a colorless liquid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels and drains toxins and cellular debris. Concretely, it consists in applying slow and regular circular pressure on the skin with the fingers and the palms of the hands on the whole body, following the direction of the lymphatic circulation and by varying the pressure

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Anti-inflammatory action at the tissue level.

* Treats lymphoedema, regardless of cause: lymphedema of congenital origin, due to infectious disease, trauma, phlebitis, or varicose veins.
Relieves edema, inflammation, eczema and acne

* Acts on the nervous system (sedative effect), on the muscles (evacuation of lactic acid), on the immune system (stimulation of the body’s defenses), and on the intestinal transit (treatment of constipation) …

At the medical level:

* relieves edema, inflammation and ulcers

* Treats blood and lymphatic circulation problems, such as venous insufficiency, and to reduce the risk of infection

* Improves the body’s defenses by promoting lymphatic flow

* Soothing action on the neuro-vegetative and toning system on the intestine, which helps fight against constipation.

* in athletes, prepares the muscles for the effort and allow a better recovery


Body scrub or exfoliation is an integral part of well-being and beauty. This essential care is a very slight abrasion of the epidermis by rubbing small particles that dislodge impurities in depth.

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Exfoliates exfoliating layers of the skin and removes accumulated dust and dead cells.

* It prepares the skin to receive treating and moisturizing care (mask, milk, cream, beauty oil, ..) that will follow by increasing the effectiveness of the assets contained in this care.

* It stimulates the lymphatic system and improves blood circulation by promoting the elimination of toxins.

* It promotes the production of physiological lubricants.

* It reveals the radiance of the skin, makes it soft and smooth to the touch




During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physical and emotional changes. The pregnancy massage was created to relieve the troubles of the future mother. It provides benefits and dynamism and allows to better live the last months

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Brings relaxation to the joints

* Relieves back and neck pains

* Promotes the maintenance of posture adapted to pregnancy

* Acts on the swelling of the extremities (hands and feet)

* Helps to reduce frequent insomnia during pregnancy

* Brings relaxation and relaxation to better understand their pregnancy as calmly as possible



The body wrap is a technique of care that consists of coating the body with mixtures based on algae, mud and various products with therapeutic properties

Benefits: Therapeutic Virtue

* Removes toxins

* Relieves accumulated tensions

* Stimulates cellular development

* Moisturizes the skin

* Improves blood circulation

* Facilitates muscle relaxation


In order to enjoy our new wellness area, we propose 3 formulas:

Formula 1 : well being + spa = 70€

Formula 2 : Luxe + spa =99€

formula 3: choice formula + spa = 53€


*With the exception of Mechanical Rodeo and Climbing Rodeo

We advise you to book your treatments in advance in order to obtain the best availability.

You can make a reservation:

  • By phone at 0590 47 88 34 or 0690 16 02 65
  • On-site

Change or Cancellation Policy

Health status

Please inform the wellness team in case of health problems or if you are pregnant.


We remind you that the wellness area is a place dedicated to relaxation and relaxation. That’s why we thank you for not using electronic devices out of respect for other people.
All food and drinks are forbidden in the park grounds.
For minors wishing to receive treatment, parental permission will be required.